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  2. GameVideo Event

    Thanks. Tho 10000 x2 = 20000 not 15000 At least  that you said in the announcement. Anyway it's allright, cheers.
  3. GameVideo Event

    done) 15000
  4. GameVideo Event

    I didn't receive my credits yet. Is there a problem?
  5. GameVideo Event

    Yuhuuu i won.:)   User/Acc: sharkoon Server: High Exp
  6. GameVideo Event

    Yes)) You are winner - message me with your account name and server
  7. Earlier
  8. GameVideo Event

    I am the only one here?:)
  9. pls fix bugs!!!

    I know about all, but i have no time for now, and we dont have good gms, i need a GM who know how to edit the game files - for managing Maybe this month i will work with server, and all will be fine.
  10. pls fix bugs!!!

    Sadly i didn't see any improvements or fixes for the last 2 or 3 weeks since i joined here. Also admins/gms are missing or login very rare from/in game and forums. The server is nice and fun, but there are too many issues that require attention and if that wouldn't happen soon, than people will eventually leave.
  11. bug guild

    Assistant can`t invite users.
  12. Can't log in to server

    I have the same problem and cant connect.  Antivirus and firewall and defender off and still cant connect to serwer from two days.
  13. bug guild

    i am assistan master and i can't invite players to join guild.
  14. pls fix bugs!!!

    if u want to more people join this sv u need to spend more time to improve the game and help players
  15. darkangel sword cyclone skill don't appear in skills tree and i can`t use cyclone skill whit darkangel sword fo  
  16. Elf buff non effect

    no damage bonus no defense bonus video
  17. I can't use MUUN

    wCoins was added now, was wrong ID, about muun - change your items position in Event Bag
  18. Balance pvp

    I was test again, and ML so weak. My SM can be kill DIM only 1 second, but ml are 30s or more  :)); equipment of SM are anubis set  = 1/2 equipment of ML :)) Skill of ML delay after cast slowly (0.5 for all skills) Can u fix ML stronger  ??
  19. I can't use MUUN

    I have collected some eggs but everytime i try, it still told me that i have to check inventory even when my inventory have nothing. Please  check for me, Server : High ID : leonsbm Main char : Rugard by the way i dont have  6000 wCoins , could i have this as a favor  Thanks and Best regards.
  20. Balance pvp

    Hi, ok, i will check it. Will test it again.
  21. Balance pvp

    Need ADM help. Damage ML very weak. And, element dame of ML not working. Link video
  22. Can't log in to server

    Ok i will check it. Try to connect again now.
  23. Restart your PC, and try it after 10-15 minutes. When is too manny connections, Security system see it like hack.
  24. I can`t equip set !!!??

    Is all working fine, try to check again you char class.
  25. GameVideo Event

    Let's see if you guys like what i made:)   User/Acc: sharkoon Server: High Exp
  26. Can't log in to server

    and when i ask some of my friends, they said they can login to the sever and i try to turn all the antivirus and the firewall off but still can not login to the sever :((  
  27. Can't log in to server

    oh hello, i have a same problem too, I have not been playing the game for 2 days already, im donate and now i cant play the game. :((( excuse GM can't you resolve this problem :(((  
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