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  2. In game resetting GP

    In-game resetting doesn't give out goblin points. Only the website resetting gives goblin points.
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  4. Bug Lord Ferea

    Lord Ferea event bugged 
  5. Pots bug

    when buy some hp and mana pots and relogin pot delet all 
  6. High Exp bugs i noticed

    I noticed the following bugs on high-exp realm: -Items don't show their proper graphic according to state they are in (+15 for example) -Jewels also look like they are +6, which is not that important but kinda annoying. -On elf the buffs have zero effect (greater damage, greater fortitude) -After 600ish lvl the ingame attack and defense stats appear low( I haven't exceeded 65k on any stat) Also seems like I cant get the items for extended vault/personal stash. Is it bad luck or they wont drop for anyone?   That's all for now, if I find anything extra ill create a new topic.
  7. Ideas for game

    1.Reduce the 399 reset to make a Gr?. i think this is so much other servers have 250 rr to GR. on a 9999x server  this seems less attractive...  - not to compare our server but probably most of player here also have tried other 9999x servers 2.  items from webshop have in proper prices. like for example wing 3 is more expensive than conquer wing/angel and devil wings.  3.  5 slot pentagram if possible should be offered in webshop too.  - no matter how high prices it would be. its fine because ingame it would be next to impossible making it.(in current set up) 4. since its a custom server it would be a good thing to make something cool for those are willing to donate and sustain the server. ex(badge or custom wings) - not to OP others just for style.  Commendations 1. to the moment now i have played almost every server. and centurion Mu is the only one who offer the pentagram symtem with full errtel in webshop  and that is a big plus.. in season 12 we want to experience all so penta with max errtel is a must and this server is the only 9999x server that provide it. - so please dont mess up with the pentagram and errtel part. this is the sole reason that im play for this server.(golden stuff at store attracted me to  ) 2. voting system  is rewarding im hyper voting now 3. donation is cheap only.  4. Admin is very nice... more power.  
  8. webshop wings vs xshop wings?

    thanks for answer admin.. so is it ok to buy my conq wings FO from webshop? cause im thinking to use only my goblin points buying it.  
  9. webshop wings vs xshop wings?

    The Conquer Wings is much more stronger options.
  10. canturu core event no boos :(

  11. What is the difference from wing of conqueror in web-shop worth 5850 wcoins to that in game shop  that is worth 12000 wcoins? pls answer so we wont purchase wrong items.. maybe bug?   - also the 3rd wings is webshop is more xpensive than wings of conqueror and the AND wings. 5850 for FO wcoins but the 3rd wings FO is 8150 wcoins - i thought wings AND and conquer FO is more stronger than 3rd wings FO?  
  12. canturu core event no boos :(

    core event no boos medium server
  13. GameVideo Event

    Thanks. Tho 10000 x2 = 20000 not 15000 At least  that you said in the announcement. Anyway it's allright, cheers.
  14. GameVideo Event

    done) 15000
  15. GameVideo Event

    I didn't receive my credits yet. Is there a problem?
  16. GameVideo Event

    Yuhuuu i won.:)   User/Acc: sharkoon Server: High Exp
  17. GameVideo Event

    Yes)) You are winner - message me with your account name and server
  18. GameVideo Event

    I am the only one here?:)
  19. pls fix bugs!!!

    I know about all, but i have no time for now, and we dont have good gms, i need a GM who know how to edit the game files - for managing Maybe this month i will work with server, and all will be fine.
  20. pls fix bugs!!!

    Sadly i didn't see any improvements or fixes for the last 2 or 3 weeks since i joined here. Also admins/gms are missing or login very rare from/in game and forums. The server is nice and fun, but there are too many issues that require attention and if that wouldn't happen soon, than people will eventually leave.
  21. bug guild

    Assistant can`t invite users.
  22. Can't log in to server

    I have the same problem and cant connect.  Antivirus and firewall and defender off and still cant connect to serwer from two days.
  23. bug guild

    i am assistan master and i can't invite players to join guild.
  24. pls fix bugs!!!

    if u want to more people join this sv u need to spend more time to improve the game and help players
  25. darkangel sword cyclone skill don't appear in skills tree and i can`t use cyclone skill whit darkangel sword fo  
  26. Elf buff non effect

    no damage bonus no defense bonus video
  27. I can't use MUUN

    wCoins was added now, was wrong ID, about muun - change your items position in Event Bag
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