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  1. GameVideo Event

    done) 15000
  2. GameVideo Event

    Yes)) You are winner - message me with your account name and server
  3. pls fix bugs!!!

    I know about all, but i have no time for now, and we dont have good gms, i need a GM who know how to edit the game files - for managing Maybe this month i will work with server, and all will be fine.
  4. bug guild

    Assistant can`t invite users.
  5. I can't use MUUN

    wCoins was added now, was wrong ID, about muun - change your items position in Event Bag
  6. Balance pvp

    Hi, ok, i will check it. Will test it again.
  7. Can't log in to server

    Ok i will check it. Try to connect again now.
  8. Restart your PC, and try it after 10-15 minutes. When is too manny connections, Security system see it like hack.
  9. I can`t equip set !!!??

    Is all working fine, try to check again you char class.
  10. Screenshots Event

    All rewards was added
  11. Screenshots Event

    Event has been finished. Places and rewards: 1st Place: rohrgas / Rewards 5.000 wCoins for MediumExp Server, or 10.000 to HighExp Server 2nd Place: Cent / Rewards 3.000 wCoins for MediumExp Server, or 6.000 to HighExp Server 3rd Place: Arthas / Rewards 2.000 wCoins for MediumExp Server, or 4.000 to HighExp Server Leave PM message to me, with account name and server. Have fun!!!
  12. Screenshots Event

    Today at 00:00 Event will be finished, hurry up!
  13. Webshop items

    Hi, in new season 12 - Socket items cant be with Excelent options. The better items you can buy in xShop / Holy Angel set and weapons.
  14. Excellent bug report Barmake's Padded Boots

    Ok, i will check where is the problem.
  15. Drop

    Hi, for now is dosent drop, i will add it later, will drop from bosses.