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  1. GameVideo Event

    Thanks. Tho 10000 x2 = 20000 not 15000 At least  that you said in the announcement. Anyway it's allright, cheers.
  2. GameVideo Event

    I didn't receive my credits yet. Is there a problem?
  3. GameVideo Event

    Yuhuuu i won.:)   User/Acc: sharkoon Server: High Exp
  4. GameVideo Event

    I am the only one here?:)
  5. pls fix bugs!!!

    Sadly i didn't see any improvements or fixes for the last 2 or 3 weeks since i joined here. Also admins/gms are missing or login very rare from/in game and forums. The server is nice and fun, but there are too many issues that require attention and if that wouldn't happen soon, than people will eventually leave.
  6. GameVideo Event

    Let's see if you guys like what i made:)   User/Acc: sharkoon Server: High Exp
  7. Screenshots Event

    I don't know if you got my message, but i didn't receive my reward. Since it's not a big deal/secret i leave here my account: username/account:       sharkoon server:                           highexp     /offtopic Any news regarding the changes, rebalancing classes?
  8. Screenshots Event
  9. Ideas for game

    The SM problem is not a balance thing, but a necessity  to nerf him as fast as you can, because in no other mu server, no matter how fun/999999x is, i never see so much defence and dmg at a SM. Not to mention that some dudes here use SM to pk everyone and no other class can defend from them.
  10. Ideas for game

    I found that there is a SM shield on shop Lorencia at spiders exit. But there isn't for DL or DK. Also another problem is that SM is very overpowered here. I have a full stats DL and today 2 different SMs killed me with just 1 hit. My dmg to them was very low, tho DL have a very high dmg rate, but perhaps SM Mana Shield is broken, or set to high. I tried to test SM and in areas where a DL or RF hit max 1300 dmg, SM have a maximum damage of 9-10000 ! You should probably check it and adjust this problem. Thanks and wish you a great day.
  11. Ideas for game

    Hi there, I want to share some ideas for our server and little annoyance here and there that i think, one fixed, would make Centurion even better. 1.a.  In game shops items should be with pve-like options (ex. + hp/mana or +dsr/zen only);  1.b. Rings and pendants from in game shops should be +0 ; 2.a. I found that "Little Monarch Cloak" and "Small Warrior's Cloak" (lvl1)  have greater defence/damage than "Cloak of Death" (lvl 2,5) and it should be exactly opposite; 2.b. Wings in game shops should be only lvl1/small ones; 3.  MG scrool "Gigantic Storm" isn't in shop like other skill are, and it should be present. 4. Item "Ancient Statue" from Quest " Extend Merchant Trade" that increase vault storage, is not dropping like it should on losttower 7 from Death Knight. 5. Drop rate for Jewel of Harmony is too high; 6. Elite Healing Potion sold for zen is ruining all kind of pvp in game;  7. HP and damage of goldens are allmost the same be it +1 or + 5 and it should be set accordingly with their lvl. 8. Too many mobs and/or spawn rate is too great. This situation will bring more load to server, lowered frames for players and instability. 9. Arena shouldn't have the highest lvl mobs, because all other maps would be obsolete and unatractive for players; 10.a. Zen drop rate must be lowered since we have excelent items with increase zen; 10.b. Zen tax for move, clear pk, repair should be higher; 11.  There is no shields in game shops. For classes that can't wear an offhand weapon like DL and SM that is a little problem; 12. I found that even my Raven hp is low, after reset/sw it restored automatically to full without using the Trainer to heal it.   Probably there are more small issue and/or improving/fixing things that can be done, but i haven't test with all chars/classes. Maybe other fellow players can bring more ideas. Have a great day.