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  1. Bugs and questions

    I would like to add, I couldn't assign more than 5 spells. I usually put buffs on slot 5/6/7 but with only 5 slots, I have very limited choice of active spells.
  2. Bugs and questions

    I would like to share some bugs (or unusual things) I got so far: _Lord Silvester has been invincible for the last week, I think. The impenetrable shield has been up for days. _Half of the goldens from the scroll (including the little ones that drop Titan's angers) give nothing after being killed (no loot, no goblin points). _Ferea's boss has been missing for days. _I don't think I have seen Medusa in this server, maybe you turned it off intentionally? _Excellent ancient items are only recognized as excellent items in Chaos machine (no hero shard to unlock items from Ferea), and couldn't be disassembled to create dust. _Socketted sets could either Excellent options OR seed sphere options in webshop. the question is what would happen if I go for Excellent options? the item would have zero socket? Thank you for reading!