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  1. bug guild

    i am assistan master and i can't invite players to join guild.
  2. pls fix bugs!!!

    if u want to more people join this sv u need to spend more time to improve the game and help players
  3. darkangel sword cyclone skill don't appear in skills tree and i can`t use cyclone skill whit darkangel sword fo  
  4. I can`t equip set !!!??

    I can equip set DK and BB at lvl 400
  5. I can`t equip set !!!??

    Hi im lvl 380 class BK i buy set DK  and BB from Devias, and i can`t equip them the items appears ok to equip but don`t let me. PLS HELP
  6. hi i don`t recive the compensation 6000Wcoins, why?